Tamanu Oil.  A blossoming romance but definitely not love at first sight.

It’s green, it disappears quickly and it has a smell.

After much contemplation about this oil, I came to the realisation that these were the reasons it was so great.

It is green, and when you mix it with some other ingredients the colours change from a sterile white to something with a pleasant – natural – colour.  It has a warmth to it, not like it was fabricated in a laboratory.

After spending quite a lot of time with coconut oil, the speed at which this waxy oil disappears on your skin was – well, almost a little disappointing.  At least with coconut oil you got to feel it, smooth it over, rub it in, watch it absorb.  Know it was doing something because it had been there long enough to achieve that.  But with tamanu oil, it was just gone. Vanished.  No residue, no nothing.  It leaves you pondering.  My skin does feel soft, it does feel silky – it has done something.  It’s growing on me.

I guess it’s only fair now that we address the smell.  Did I like it or not.  Sometimes.  That too has grown on me.  I’ve heard it described as aniseedy, nutty.  I guess I would have to include woody and the combination of all three would probably sum it up for me.   And yes, I find it pleasant.  It’s definitely different and not to everyone’s taste, but it also doesn’t take much to mask the smell by adding a little essential oil – orange and sandalwood are a good combination for this one.

And the uses seem endless.   This is one for your Christmas list.  Not one of the cheapest oils (I can get about 8 bottles of olive oil for 1 of these!).  But when you can use it for everything from burns & insect bites to psoriasis, blisters, and nappy rash it is certainly worth the investment.