Coconut Oil has achieved an almost cult following and it is so easy to see why.  There are countless websites available to see the many uses and ‘miracle’ cures that this amazing plant has to offer but I am going to share with you my personal journey with the humble Coconut Oil.

My first introduction to coconut oil was as a cooking oil and it was by accident.  I had no idea that the ‘copha’ or ‘kremelta’ (vegetable shortening it was called) was actually coconut oil.  It made amazing smelling popcorn and had a high smoke point.  I needed to find out what this ‘vegetable shortening’ actually was.  After establishing what it was called we watched a program of some Samoans in Auckland.  When asked what dishes they cooked with it they looked horrified and said ‘we don’t cook with that. That’s for our body!’.

And so the next experimental phase started with applying this oil EVERYWHERE!  A bit hard to get out the container in winter (like rock), but still melted on the skin as soon as it was applied.  Copious amounts were put on extremely dry feet, which then had to be elevated until it all absorbed.  The remainder needed to be wiped off the hands, so all over the arms and onto any bare patch of skin it went.  You knew it was going to feel really good afterwards so spread it as far as you could.

We persisted with this version of straight coconut oil for quite sometime.  However, in the summer it becomes liquid which is very messy to apply.  After not figuring out a proficient system for that, we eventually we began looking at something to add which had a bit higher melting point.

We started with beeswax.  We wanted something that wasn’t going to steal any limelight from this incredible curative oil we were besotted with.  It made a great balm.  Easy to put on (all year round).  It actually seemed to work better.  The beeswax meant you didn’t require the same quantities to get coverage and it helped to stay on your skin while absorbing all of that wonderful oil incredibly well.

We use a whole multitude of ingredients now to achieve the right consistency, but all the measuring is done to make sure that we still hero the coconut oil.  On it’s own its great, but with the right mixture it takes on a whole new dimension.  It’s soft, silky, luxurious and most of all convenient.  And it doesn’t hurt to include a little aromatherapy to lift your mood!