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I have started to spread my wings a little and now have 2 items for you to read.  Both of these are ingredients in our moisturizers.  If you don’t know about them already, I hope this will give you some insight and spark some interest for further investigation.

My aim for this page is to share with you tidbits of information and maybe even a little work in progress along the way.  So pop back again soon to see what else I have for you.

But for now, I hope you enjoy my first attempt at blogging and read through my piece on coconut oil. The second one is on tamanu oil.

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My name is Corinna - I am a wife and mother of 3.  My days are spent working and spare time is spent with family or on yet another idea I can conjure.  I have settled for making skincare and engraving glasses (at least for the time being), which in all honesty doesn’t allow me enough time to venture into any other ideas I may have - except maybe for my other obsession - fruit trees!

And this is the beautiful place we call home -

Picton, in the Queen Charlotte Sound

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